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Rokada group

Would you like your business to proceed by only one click?

You consider it impossible?! - You're absolutely right!

Just let us propose you objective reality!

We haven't invented neither teleportation nor time machine, but this fact doesn't restrict us from discovering fast and optimal decisions which efficiently contribute to development of your business.

Rokada group is a union of experienced, ambitious professionals in customs-brokerage services and transport logistics sphere having become an ideal link between shipper and consignee, seller and buyer, commodity and market, and finally between sea, ground and sky!

Starting from 1993 we are unceasingly working towards finding individual approach to each customer and new non-typical solutions, whether it is transportation by the sea, air or on the ground.

Our team specializes in solving logistic challenges of any difficulty.

We know HOW to deliver your shipments; we only need to know WHERE
Therefore... move closer to the map, find the destination you need ... and let us take care of all your shipments...